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Meet Our Partners

P1- Forwardspace (FWS)

Forwardspace is a business development organisation and is mainly focused on developing a startup and IT sector environment. We are also offering co-working space in the centre of Pärnu for businesses and freelancers.

Forwardspace is organising different seminars and training, various business workshops, mentoring lessons, meetings with investors, meet-ups and other leverage events. 
On the other hand, Forwardspace is a community of entrepreneurial professionals from a wide range of areas (from ICT to social entrepreneurs) supporting each other in a synergistic environment to grow their business and enrich individually. 


P4 – Itinerari Paralleli (IP)

Itinerari Paralleli is a social enterprise that develops projects and applies to calls on a national and European level; it offers consultancy and training on urban, social and cultural transition together with local communities, public administration, CBOs and corporates.


IP design and implement processes for community involvement, audience development, co-design and transformation in urban and non-urban contexts. Using integrated design tools such as action research, territorial analysis, service design, business modelling, community engagement and partnership building. Founded in March 2019 as Social Enterprise by 10 co-founders from all over Italy and with different backgrounds, Itinerari Paralleli brings together experience in social innovation processes that range from social economy, cultural management, audience development and digital innovation.


The organization has extensive experience in concept generation, project management and training/mentoring activities.

P7- Union of Bulgarian artists (UBA)

Artists (UBA) is a non-profit association of professional artists and art critics. UBA is the oldest and the biggest art association in Bulgaria. Currently there are about 2500 members from all generations. Membership is individual and the members are organized in 17 sections: Art criticism, Advertising design, Ceramics, Caricature, Cartoon, Design, Graphic design, Jewelry, Monumental arts, Painting, Print and illustration, Restoration, Sculpture, Stage design, Textiles, Wood carving, "13" – non-conventional forms.


Country offices have been established bringing together members of the UBA according to the territorial principle. UBA in its activity supports the implementation of projects of its members to provide them information about significant events and events of national and international character. Each member has the opportunity to participate in various competitions, workshops, plain-airs. UBA has the largest private exhibition complex in Bulgaria for classical and contemporary art – four halls in Shipka 6 Gallery and the hall of Rayko Alexiev Gallery.


The UBA is a member of the following international organizations: AIAP, ICOMOS, IKOGRADA, AIKA, European Alliance of the Academies.

P2 - University of Patras (UPatras)

The University of Patras (UofP) is located in Patras, Achaia, Greece, and was founded in 1964, consisting of 7 schools and 35 departments. It caters for a large number of sectors and consequently a great range of disciplines through 35 undergraduate and 50 postgraduate study programs. One of its main goals is the creation of new knowledge through the promotion of scientific research. This makes the university particularly active in research, with a high reputation for quality and innovativeness. In the QS World Ranking / Top Universities (2020), UofP is ranked 751-800. Along with its other activities, UofP operates the Foreign Language Teaching Unit and the Educational Center for life-long learning. The university runs an undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral program in business administration following the latest scientific developments and covers a full range of topics related to business administration in private, public, and non-profit sector and entrepreneurship.

P5- Ulis Impresa Sociale Societa Cooperativa (Ulis)

Ulis is an Italian cooperative society focused on the development and dissemination of digital culture and social impact, through consultancy, training and social innovation management services.


Specifically, Ulis supports the digital transformation of organisations by managing processes that generate social innovations through the elaboration and development of the client’s peculiar value chains.


Five main areas represent Ulis’ core activities:

  • Social innovation management

  • Strategic business modelling

  • Social impact assessment

  • Evaluation of dormant assets

  • Stakeholder engagement

P3 – Balkan Institute of Entrepreneurship (Balkien)

The BALKAN INSTITUTE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP (Balkien) is a public benefit, non-profit, legal entity governed by private Law. It was founded in 2016, with seat in Kalamata, Greece. Balkien conducts research and data analysis on the main issues related to the economic development of the Balkan countries and the relations between them.


Fosters innovation and entrepreneurship through the collaboration of various bodies (municipalities, state-run and public organisations, private organisations, educational institutes, clusters, cooperatives);  Educate, train and support interested parties - especially young people in all levels of educations - with the aim of promoting their professional development; Fosters the development of social economy and  collaboration between Balkan countries on relevant issues; Promote the cooperation, as well as the exchange of knowledge and experience between the Higher Education Establishments of the Balkan countries; Organise seminars with invited  international experts and contributes to the non formal education  of less privileged people. 

P6- GrantXpert Consulting Ltd

GrantXpert Consulting is a Cypriot-based SME, with a cumulative expertise of more than 25 years in European and National funding programmes. The team has a proven, core expertise in providing training and consulting services to local and EU organisations, and a track-record in implementing research work on entrepreneurial, business and other educational topics.


GrantXpert is also a leader at national level in the development of innovative educational programmes. The team’s mission is to deliver solutions, stemming from multidisciplinary strategic partnership on an EU level, tackling new European societal, digital & green challenges.


The overall vision, is to change and improve EU citizens’ life by implementing EU funded programmes, and maximising their overall impact.

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