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ArtCRelief 1st Newsletter

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29 Sept 2021

Our first newsletter for the Erasmus + ArtCRelief project (Entrepreneurial Empowerment for artists, cultural and creative professionals) is available.

Our first newsletter for the Erasmus + ArtCRelief (Business Empowerment for Artists, Cultural and Creative Professionals) project is available. The ArtCRelief project addresses the challenges posed by the covid-19 pandemic to artists, culture and creative professionals (ACCPs) in terms of continuing their business and the need to adapt and transition to different business models.

The ArtCRelief project aims to cultivate the entrepreneurial and business mindset of ACCPs in order to survive through the covid-19 crisis and be prepared for the new conditions that will follow.

Download our newsletter that provides basic information about the project activities for the first six months, including the kick-off and second transnational meeting of the project partners, the first Intellectual Output and the project dissemination activities.

Download the newsletter.

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